At Home Anywhere :: Launches Today with Dianogah!

Launching today, At Home Anywhere is a new podcast series where we will be bringing bands traveling through NYC into The Fort, a 1200 sq. ft. recording studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn to record a few tracks that we will then give to you for FREE.

We are truly honored and excited to be kicking things off with three songs from Chicago’s post-rock trio Dianogah.  They are long time favorites of ours here at the label (we’ve been hooked ever since As Seen From Above came out in ’97) and we really couldn’t be happier to be starting things off with them.  The tracks were recorded on June 24, 2008 on the band’s U.S. tour in support of their new album qhnnnl (Out now on Southern Records) and feature Stephanie Morris of The Pawner’s Society on “Piñata” as well as on a fantastic cover of The Handsome Family’s “Stalled.”  It’s great great stuff.

The tracks are:
01. Piñata Oblongata
02. Snowpants
03. Stalled 

You have a few options for getting / hearing the podcast:

  1. Subscribe in iTunes!  Make sure that you stay up to date and automatically receive future episodes.
  2. Subscribe to the RSS feed (copy this URL to the podcast ‘Subscribe’ box in your favorite audio player)
  3. Download the Individual MP3 files
We hope to bring you more episodes quite soon.  Stay tuned!
More photos of Dianogah after the jump.                  

All Photos by Bryan Bruchman

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  1. [...] In September, we launched At Home Anywhere, our podcast series, with Dianogah. They came to Brooklyn and recorded three songs for us, one of which, “snowpants,” is on the new album. Go take a look at our recent post about it. [...]

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