Doug Keith Here’s To Outliving Me – OUT NOW!


Doug Keiths‘s new album Here’s To Outliving Me is out TODAY! Get your copy here.  The record has been getting a great stream of press… here are a select few quotes:

“Eleven endearing indie pop songs… Ear pleasing melodies, warm acoustics and occasional moments of shoegazing simplicity.”Hear/Say magazine

 “A fantastic solo debut from this New York singer-songwriter who conjures the spirit of Dylan, Young, and Waits–the former, for example, at the height of his sneering Hawks-backed era on “Salty Woman.” “Take the Hammer Down, Dear” shares the earthiness of Richard Buckner’s finest work. The songs are almost uniformly beautiful and heartrending, with backing tracks whose crisp acoustics, tinkling pianos, piercing organ, and percussive heartbeat channel the finest work of the icons Keith convincingly recalls.” – PURGe

 “…from the first notes of “The Companion of an Angel” from his upcoming release “Here’s To Outliving Me” I was hooked. As a nice bonus Jennifer O’Connor is featured on a number of tracks including “Companion…” Its theme of an undying love for an angel-like woman is one I can relate to.”songs: Illinois

 “Doug Keith’s lyrics create imagery like the classic country/folk storytellers and there’s a lot of delicate interplay between Doug’s vocals, his guitar work and the work of his band mates.” - Brooklyn Rocks 

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