Doug Keith’s “Bear Man God Bird” Coming Soon!

The sky’s have opened up upon us here in NYC today. We at the Cougar Label, we love the rain… but, it’s one of those days where you can’t walk around without the backs of your pants getting soaked. Though that might sound like fun to some of you, it’s truly not. Your legs feel like they could freeze off every time you enter an air conditioned office or space. It ain’t no lie… Baby, it ain’t no lie. Bringing us to the big news of the day… Mr. Douglas Paul Keith‘s digital release of 2006′s Bear Man God Bird is in the system and will be available quite soon! It’s an epic record of minimalism and instrumentals. Some truly gorgeous stuff that’s perfect listening for days like today.

Prepare yourself now… because Fall is almost here and this is just the beginning of releases from DPK.

Listen To Doug Keith “Bird”

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