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At Home Anywhere is back for Round 3 with ultra prolific singer-songwriter, Paleo (David Strackany). The tracks were recorded back in October 2008 (I know, I know, we’re very behind) while Paleo was in town for a short stint during his ever constant tour schedule. The four tracks are each beautifully captured bare moments in time.  The performances showcase a complete openness that allows the music (and the artist) to be exposed in a most unsettling way. Extremely moving and wonderful tracks.

At Home Anywhere is a podcast series where we will be bringing bands traveling through NYC into The Fort, a 1200 sq. ft. recording studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn to record a few tracks that we will then give to you for FREE. The songs were lovingly & fantastically mastered by Dave Roman at 4130 Mastering.

The tracks are:
01. Forest for the Past, Future for the Trees
02. The Letter X
03. Mama Go Easy
04. Time Won’t Forget

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Stay tuned for Episode 4 with our favorite band from Boston, Bon Savants. More photos of Paleo after the jump.

All Photos by Ben Lord

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