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Every so often, you go to a show not knowing who or what you’re going to see, and the pay off is royal. In this case, that payoff was Locas In Love… a band from Germany who I had never heard of and who happened to be in the US for just a few short days. They blew me away that night in that dingy little CakeShop basement.

It had been a long time since I’d randomly seen a band that drew me in quite as quickly as Locas In Love did. Especially considering the lyrical language barrier. I had no idea what the songs were about that night, and still, several months later, I still don’t really know. But, even though it is a little cliche, that is kinda that special thing about great music… you really never need to know. When the music can stand on its own, the words hardly matter at all.

So, for this episode of At Home Anywhere, we bring you four beautifully crafted songs from Cologne, Germany’s Locas In Love. They are a band that we feel very lucky to have seen… and, luckily for all of us, they were willing and able to get up early the next morning, on their last morning in town, and come out to deep Bushwick, Brooklyn and record some of their songs that had so blown our minds the night before.

At Home Anywhere is a podcast series where we will be bringing bands traveling through NYC into The Fort, a 1200 sq. ft. recording studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn to record a few tracks that we will then give to you for FREE. The songs were lovingly & fantastically mastered by Dave Roman at 4130 Mastering.

The tracks are:
01. Sachem
02. Moe Tucker
03. Ice Storm
04. To Get Things Straight

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More photos of Locas In Love after the jump. Buy their beautifully packaged album here.

All Photos by Ben Lord

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  1. [...] findet sich die Live-im-Studio-Session für At Home Anyway aus den USA, welche man sich bereits hier kostenlos downloaden konnte und weiterhin kann. Die 4 Songs bieten einen schönen Querschnitt durch [...]

  2. Joachim August 13th, 2011 5:47 pm

    thank you very much for their live recordings!

    I just love their music ;-)

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